Regstration is now open for the 2024 ADCIRC Week! We're looking forward to an exciting series of ADCIRC Community Events from Monday April 29 to Friday May 3, 2024 at NOAA in College Park, Maryland, USA. Brought to you by ADCIRC Live, NOAA, and Aquaveo.


2024 ADCIRC Week

ADCIRC Week is an intensive series of community events, including the ADCIRC Users Group Meeting on Monday and Tuesday morning followed by the ADCIRC Boot Camp Tuesday afternoon through Friday night.

The registration deadline for non-US citizens has now passed (12 April 2024). For US citizens to register for this event, use the form below, or navigate to for complete details!

Because this is a Federal facility, participants with international backgrounds had paperwork deadlines that required registration on or before 12 April 2024. We are no longer accepting registrations from non-US citizens unfortunately, but we are looking forward to including non-US citizens at future events.

Latest advancements

ADCIRC Users Group Meeting

Every year, the ADCIRC Community comes together to share experiences, teach, learn, discuss, plan, and build capacity for coastal ocean modeling with ADCIRC. This meeting will be a full day on Monday 29 April and a half day on Tuesday morning, 30 April. It will consist of technical yet informal presentations of ADCIRC research and applications that advance the state of the art in ADCIRC modeling.

teaching and learning

ADCIRC Boot Camp

The key offering for ADCIRC newcomers is this three and half days of sessions (April 30 to May 3) covering ADCIRC Fundamentals, SMS for ADCIRC (which covers the graphical construction of input data sets and the visualization of ADCIRC output) as well as ADCIRC Virtual Environments to enhance your productivity.


ADCIRC Community

The annual Users Group Meeting and Boot Camp are key events for establishing and strengthening connections within the ADCIRC Community.

The official registration site has all the details including the events schedule, travel details, abstract submission, and more. With 20+ years of history as the nexus of technical progress and community building, the 2024 ADCIRC Week is not to be missed!


Got questions?

Community events have many moving parts and we are always looking for feedback on how we can improve! Please fill in the form below to contact the organizers.